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Upcoming Events

April 21, 2021

NWONL CNO & Dean Rounding

Please join us Wednesday morning, April 21st from 7am - 8am. Nurse Leaders from OR and WA gather for Rounding on current issues. 

Kindly email admin@nwonl.org to be added...

April 22, 2021

Leadership Commission

NWONL Leadership Commission Date/Time: Monthly on the fourth Thursday⋅11:00am – 12:00pm

Members Only: Request Zoom Link Invite Here

Agenda: Will be provided...

April 26, 2021

Virtual Live Event - Round 1 - Featuring Moe Carrick

April 26th Virtual Live Event  Phew, what a year, right? You and your employees may be feeling worn-out and disconnected. What happens next? Fortunately Moe Carrick has been (resoundingly) called...

May 12, 2021

Development Commission

NWONL Development Commission Date/Time: Monthly on second Wednesday⋅11:00am – 12:00pm

Members Only: Request Zoom Link Invite Here

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Mar 27 2021

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Glimmer on the horizon, is "face to face" a mirage? DEI, what's next? ...
Mar 27 2021

Leader Highlight March 2021

For our March 2021 Leader Highlight we are working to build upon or awareness and...
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Executive Director Update

March 26th

Glimmer on the horizon, is "face to face" a mirage? DEI, what's next?  Plus a Big Year ahead...

Face to Face?

What is that on the horizon! Could we be back face to face sooner than we think? The sentiment has quickly shifted this last month from post-pandemic problems to immunization frenzied response and now to so, what do you think about trying to get some groups together in the fall?" That is a dramatic shift in a short time frame I am tacitly hopeful with a measure of pragmatism for balance. Truly, I’m absolutely looking forward to being face to face again. With that, yes NWONL has already started working towards this, and we are ready for it. You absolutely will be kept in the loop on our progress. What do you think? We want to hear from you.... Give us your response here, it will take less than a minute.

DEI, Whats Next?

We remain committed to growth in our DEI journey.  Over the last year we have purposely expanded our awareness and desire to identify and address our shortcomings and opportunities in this area as Nurse Leaders. It is clear that we collectively are ready for more; to move into applied knowledge and ability to implement and sustain meaningful change. That is the harder part as its a journey not a task or project. To help us in this area, we have reached out to Frankie Manning and Valorie Taylor, accomplished Nurse Leaders and NWONL Members. They have provided us their perspectives in a candid interview. Available in our NWONL Engaged, Leader Highlights section.

A Very Big Year Ahead. Be a part of it!

We are well on our way of delivering our promise of providing relevant and actionable content and CE offerings monthly. April has two major events.  What else? We have relaunched our Career Center so it bring more reach and impact to both talent search and career finding. Oh and I'll be the first to tease it, our Board has approved moving forward on the NWONL Mentorship program via the MentorLead platform. A big year indeed. More to come!

You are the faces of Courage, Grace and Grit.


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