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Executive Director Update


It is time to close 2020 and formally open 2021. What is there to say about 2020 that has not been said? Good riddance comes to mind. Except that feels disdainful and simplistic. In closing out this year, I am really going for the practice of being retrospective with a purpose: to contemplate what worked well and respect what did not... then do more of the former.  What has this year taught us? What have the challenges revealed in our operations, our teams, our personal lives? What has changed in our own values and beliefs? How has 2020 prepared us to face the future? I‘m personally wrestling with the aforementioned. I believe that many Nurse Leaders also have this top of mind. In this spirit, I have revisited the Leaders in Action section of our newsletters and invite you to do the same [link]. We look forward to sharing more Nurse Leader Highlights in 2021 and celebrate their contributions and learn from their experiences. 

It is with much anticipation (understated) that we look forward to 2021. We have grown in resiliency during 2020 and have many reasons to celebrate this organizations contribution to the specialty of Nurse Leadership in Oregon and Washington. To that end, I will offer a heart felt thank you to our Board Leaders, Council and Committee leaders for stepping up and giving themselves and their time in this crucible of 2020‘s demands to keep NWONL moving forward. Happy New Year! and good riddance bye 2020...

You are the faces of courage, grace and grit.


January 2021 Homepage Highlight

For most of us, staffing this year has been all over the map and not the least odd and unpredictable. That makes our lives as Leaders even more challenging. Hence, we have engaged Qualivis to help our members on this front: As we continue to take on COVID-19, proactively ensuring appropriate staffing levels is a must. 
Qualivis was founded by hospitals, for hospitals, and has steadily grown to become a trusted national provider of highly trained, quality healthcare professionals for hospitals and health systems. By teaming up with our parent company, Aya Healthcare, we can provide crisis staffing for NWONL‘s member organizations. To date, Aya has filled more than 20,000 crisis contracts at facilities across the country, providing much-needed relief for core staff who were overwhelmed and exhausted. We understand the unique needs of each facility — so when you work with us you get flexibility and customization, including the support of more than 100 Joint Commission certified agencies. As a technology-driven workforce management provider, Qualivis can streamline your entire contingent labor process, saving you time and money without sacrificing quality. Contact Bethany Fuller, Vice President of Workforce Solutions, today to discuss how Qualivis can help fill all your current or future needs.

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NWONL Seattle Regional Council

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